What The Food lets us explore farms & retailers across the EU with a distinct approach to the food system of the future.

Greg Purcell
Seedtech is the leading developer and producer of seed varieties for Irish farmers, helping to create a sustainable future.
Kosters Trädgårdar
Kosters Trädgårdar
At Kosters Trädgårdar visitors are taught to live in harmony with nature. They aim to grow food in a way that protects the planet.
Pieter Pot
Kees Winkelman
Pieter Pot is a zero waste online grocery store. They use reusable glass jars and bottles for packaging which is collected, washed and reused.
Claire van de Graaff
Brussels is home to the aquaponic farm BIGH. The 4,000 square metres rooftop farm produces tomatoes, herbs, and fish. BIGH redefines 'urban farming'.
Nantes Paysages Nourriciers
Jean-Félix Fayolle
Nantes aims to provide food security to the most vulnerable, by growing fruit and vegetables in the city’s green spaces.
Bioagrumi Monasteri
Claire van de Graaff
BioAgrumi Monasteri is a family run citrus farm in Sicily. It produces its own fertilisers, organic pesticides, and has perfected an ancient watering technique.
Max Threlfall
Foodsharing is a community which redistributes food about to be thrown away. The goal is to end food waste, conserve resources and reduce emissions.
Claire van de Graaff
On the coast of Istria is the organic goat farm Kumparička. This farm produces cheese for gastronomers and Michelin-Star chefs local and worldwide.
Zagorin Hellas
Orestis Seferoglou
Zagorin Hellas a local farming collective, is a reference in Greece for quality, innovation and sustainability. Especially their apples are very wanted throughout Europe.
Claudiu Popescu
Microgreens operates in vertical farming. Their micro greenhouses in various stores & venues bring affordable and varied types of salads and herbs directly to consumers.

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